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      GE Water and Process Technologies 

A world leader in water, water reuse, wastewater  treatment and process solutions, GE Water & Process Technologies brings the best technologies to enhance customers’ efficiency while protecting the environment. GE offers the broadest portfolio of water and process technologies, including: separation equipment; membrane & filtration technology; diagnostic tools; specialty chemicals; mobile water capabilities; service; and financing.

The Sulaibiya project is a terrific example of water reclamation using multiple GE technologies. GE is participating in the operation and maintenance of the Sulaibiya plant.

The water reclamation plant is designed to treat 425,000 m3/day of secondary effluent, which is prefiltered with disk filters and then fed to the ultrafiltration (UF) system.

The UF system treats 100% of the flow after biological treatment. The feed from the UF to the reverse osmosis (RO) system is also 425,000 m³/day. The plant is designed for 85% water recovery, so the expected production rate is 352,000 m³/day.

GE is committed to develop and bring to market technologies that promote energy efficiency, lower harmful emissions, increase supplies of water, and reduce our use of fossil fuel_it’s called ecomagination.

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