Sulaibiya WWT&RP Receives
High-Level Visitors

High-level delegations continue to visit Sulaibiya WWT&RP, a show-case project for
Kharafi National. Construction (Oil & Gas) is extremely busy on several major projects. In the UAE, the ADWEA STP BOOT project is nearing its EPC peak, while Instant Access is building its fleet with new product offerings. In Egypt, KN’s Marassi project is meeting the tough deadlines of Emaar’s summer schedule. Back in Kuwait, the 360 Mall has been inaugurated.

The project structure, financing and advanced technology used for Sulaibiya WWT&RP was unique to Kuwait when the plant was first commissioned in March 2005. The success of the plant has generated much interest and it was recently honoured with three visits from VIPs.

Sulaibiya Waste-water Treatment and Reclamation Plant (WWT&RP) is one of the biggest sewage treatment plants in the Middle East. Indeed its reverse osmosis element is the largest in the world ever built for wastewater treatment.