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     Sulaibiya Project 
Project Facilities     

Sulaibiya Plant Project includes the Preliminary Treatment and Pumping Station at Ardiya, the Transfer Pipelines from Ardiya to Sulaibiya and the Treatment and Reclamation Plant at Sulaibiya.

Ardiya Plant

The preliminary treatment of the wastewater starts with sand and grease removal upon its arrival at Ardiya Pumping Station. After which, the wastewater is directed to three Buffer Tanks each 67 meters diameter and 7 meters depth. These tanks regulate the flows arriving to Ardiya before being pumped to Sulaibiya.

The Pumping Station contains 12 pumps of which 2 are standby, to transfer the wastewater through three pressure pipelines, 1400 millimeter is each extending over 25 kilometers from Ardiya to Sulaibiya.

To safeguard the environment at the Ardiya Pumping Station in view of its proximity from residential areas, all facilities in this Pumping Station are covered. In addition, all those facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art odor control and removal equipment and odor monitoring systems. The Facilities are also surrounded with a green belt of trees to enhance the environment.

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